Photos by  Claire Bangser

Photos by Claire Bangser

how'd we get here?

Bourrée is Chef Nathanial Zimet and business partner James Denio.  A few years ago, we both came to the same conclusion:

wings and daiquiris
are rad.

What's rad about daiqs is figuring out what we can put in a blender with ice and booze and make delicious. What's amazing about the wings is even simpler: smoked wings! We get to toss them with all the spices & flavors this city's imagination has provided us.  

We have a grand plan for this place.  It starts with the Wings and the Daiquiris, but in the months to come we'll be adding to our menu, so keep an eye on us!



daiquiris & the 4 seasons

Strawberries today, honeydew tomorrow, but G&TD forever! Why forever? Because the cucumber we use in our Gin & Tonic Daiquiri can be found in Louisiana all year round.  We're using what the seasons provide, and mixing in classics new and old to the blenders as the months turn. 

BOurrée gives you Wings, Hot Boudin Links, Meat Pies...

Weather you like them spicy, tossed with our house fermented Kim-Chi or order them dry these are incredible wings. It starts with great chicken, then we smoke them to perfection; each served with their own dipping sauce.

We also serve Fresh Cut French Fries & Spicy Boiled Peanuts!  Not to mention what's waiting in our cold case. 

We HEART Happy Chickens

At Bourrée, as well as at Boucherie, we focus on sourcing the best products we can find. We're proud to know we're serving up wings made from one of the highest rated farms in the country, Springer Mountain Farms.

"Springer Mountain Farms is proud to say that our chickens are not only "100% All Natural" with "No Steroids or Hormones," but also are produced with NO Antibiotics, are Never Fed Animal By-Products, and are American Humane Association Certified."